An Ingenious Cross Stringing Tool

In addition to our standard StringWeavers, many professional stringers use customized versions of these tools.  A customized StringWeaver is not as wide as the standard version and it allows the stringer to move the tool closer to the racquet throat, making it easier to weave the last few crosses. They also use customized tools when stringing racquetball and squash racquets which have a fan-shaped string pattern. A customized StringWeaver hooks onto two fewer main strings than the standard version. A standard Red or Blue StringWeaver hooks onto 14 mains, and a customized version hooks onto 12 mains. A standard Green StringWeaver hooks onto 12 mains, and the customized version onto 10 mains.

Customized StringWeavers are individually made upon request, usually within two business days. There is a $10 surcharge to customize a StringWeaver. If you would like to order a customized StringWeaver, please contact us.