How to Use Your StringWeaver

To Mount the StringWeaver on the Mains

1.  The “comb” can slide to the left and right. Slide the comb to the left by pushing the upper left and right edges as shown.

2. Move lever to the vertical position.

3. Center the StringWeaver over the main strings and push it onto the mains until it seats.*

4. Capture the mains by sliding the Comb to the right to the “Latch” position by pushing on the lower left and right edges as shown in the bottom photo.

5. Rotate the lever to verify that the captured main strings have been properly latched and the strings separate when the lever is moved.

6. Begin weaving the crosses.  Rotate the lever after each cross to reverse the weave.

*There should be one string in each of the comb slots.  You may need to re-position some of the mains slightly to align with the slots in the comb.  Don’t worry, the mains will return to their original position when you remove the StringWeaver.


To Remove the StringWeaver 

  1. Move the lever to the vertical position.
  2. Slide the Comb to the left by pushing the upper left and right edges as shown in the top photo.  This will disengage the mains.
  3. Lift the StringWeaver straight up and off the racket.

Helpful Tips

  • Racquets vary in size and string pattern, so see the “Choosing the Correct StringWeaver tool” page to determine the best model of StringWeaver to use to optimize the stringing of the racquet.
  • Mount the StringWeaver near the center of the head and begin weaving. The StringWeaver may be slid along the mains at any time.  Most stringers prefer to position the StringWeaver several inches away from the crosses they are weaving.
  • Have the comb side facing the crosses already woven to avoid bumping the lever while weaving.
  • Remember to flip the lever to the opposite side after weaving each cross.
  • “Feathering” the cross towards the StringWeaver allows you to pull the cross very fast without burning or notching the strings.
  • Remove the StringWeaver before tensioning and tying off the final crosses.
  • For more information and videos go to


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