There are three versions of the StringWeaver for tennis because tennis racquets come in many different sizes and  string patterns.  To determine which version to use, measure the distance “D” between the 14 middle main strings.

If “D” is between 5 and 5-3/4 inches, choose the Blue High Density version.

If “D” is between 5-3/4 and 6-1/2 inches, choose the Red Low Density version.

If “D” is between 6-1/2 and 7-1/4 inches, choose the Green Wide Body version.

The Red and Blue versions are the most commonly used.  For more detailed information, see the link “Choosing the Correct StringWeaver Tool”.

Receive a 5% discount when ordering two or more StringWeavers, any version.  Free shipping within the US.

Shipping is available to Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and some Asian countries for a nominal shipping charge of $15.

Note that the purchaser may be responsible for any duties, tariffs, or taxes imposed by their home country upon receipt.

If ordering 4 or more StringWeavers, please contact us for instructions and shipping rates.


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