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With tennis courts reopening, and the US Open wetting your tennis appetite, now is a great time to restring your racquets. Why not make it easier and better by using a StringWeaver?  Now on sale.

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The StringWeaver is an ingenious compact tool which mounts on the main strings of the racquet.  It creates a gap between the mains which allows you to weave the cross strings with far less effort.  You will be able to pull the crosses faster without burning or notching the strings and achieve more uniform tension on the string bed.  The StringWeaver is especially useful when weaving stiff polyester, textured or shaped strings. It will definitely save wear and tear on your fingers.  Your strings will last longer since they won’t be subjected to the friction encountered when pulling the crosses.

The StringWeaver comes in versions for high, low and very low density string patterns for tennis racquets, and will fit nearly all modern racquets. There is also a version specifically designed for badminton raquets. Whether you are just starting out, string infrequently or are a seasoned professional, the StringWeaver will improve your stringing while saving you time and effort.

So, watch the video to see the StringWeaver in action, then click on the link for Choosing the Correct StringWeaver Tool.

The StringWeaver is recommended by the United States Racquet Stringers Association.  See their review here.

Another video, made by a customer (a highly regarded professional stringer) can be found at this link:
You can also find two articles he wrote about the StringWeaver in his very fine blog: here

For another longer video click here.

Advantages of the StringWeaver

  • No assembly required,  no parts to lose
  • More compact than other stringing aids
  • No need to re-position the device after weaving each cross
  • Easier entry of mains into comb slots
  • Less local stress on mains
  • Low cost–about the price of a decent string job
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or full refund within 30 days of purchase
  • One year warranty against breakage under normal use


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