An Ingenious Cross Stringing Tool

“In my business I string a significant amount of sharp profiled poly-based strings. This tool saves a tremendous amount of wear and tear on my fingertips. After receiving the tool and thoroughly testing it, I found myself using it more and more in many scenarios, not just for poly-based offerings. For instance, I found it useful/helpful when installing sticky multifilaments. It made pulling crosses much easier with no fear of notching. As mentioned above, using with natural gut is now essential for me as there are just too many advantages to ignore. I also enjoy using it with most synthetic gut at 58 jobs, just because it has now become part of how I string.” – JY, Professional Racquet Technician, Sugar Hill, GA

“I am a MRT of the USRSA (member since 1978)-and have been stringing since that year. Your devices are the best “tools” that I have purchased in over 30 years. They make stringing a breeze. I see that I really do not have to worry about notching (burning) the strings now when I do the crosses. It is making stringing a pleasure to do. Wonderful invention.”– MW, New City, NY

“Great for learning how to string and for weaving rough/shaped strings. Would recommend to anyone who is getting into stringing or strings rackets often.” – RJ, Pro Stringer, Davis, CA

“I would recommend this tool. It is very easy to use and I think it would benefit beginning stringers who are slow at weaving, any stringer who has to deal with poly crosses, stringers who string more dense patterns and stringers in general who want to weave faster/easier (or are string geeks who like to try different things).”  – CW, Northern California

“Just wanted to say that I’ve been using the Stringweaver for the past year and I think it is awesome. I would never string poly without it. For me, it is both faster and easier on my fingers.” – TJR, Minnesota

“I’ve been stringing since the 80s… This looked interesting. I find them useful for poly type strings… Saves the fingers a bit, speed difference is negligible for me but ease of use is excellent.
I have a 13 old son who I am teaching to string. This tool has helped him a lot…
Its a good product, less expensive than the offering from stringway (which I own, but my son finds difficult to use).”
Mark W., Georgia

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