An Ingenious Cross Stringing Tool

Tennis racquets come in many different sizes and string patterns. These patterns are often referred to as High Density (HD), Low Density (LD), and in the case of wide body rackets (WB), Very Low Density. It depends upon how close together the main strings are. For example, in an HD pattern the main strings are closer together than they are in an LD pattern.  There is a StringWeaver for each density pattern.
To decide which StringWeaver models will best fit the racquets you string, follow these measuring guides. The measurement methods are the same for both the Standard and Pro versions of the StringWeaver. Click on BUY NOW to add StringWeavers to your CART.
Method 1: Almost all tennis racquets have either 16 or 18 main strings. Count the number of mains. The middle two mains are called Left 1 (L1) and Right 1 (R1). Regardless of the number of mains, place the edge of a dollar bill on L8 as shown in the figure. Now, including L8, count the number of main strings covered by the dollar bill.
Choosing Correct SW Drawing with sim dollar bill
If 15 or more mains are covered, it is a High Density string pattern and the Blue StringWeaver will most likely fit best.
If 13 or 14 mains are covered, it is a Low Density pattern and the Red StringWeaver should work best.
If 12 or fewer mains are covered, then the Green StringWeaver will most likely fit the racquet. The majority of racquets are either High or Low Density.
Method 2 is more accurate: Count off 7 main strings from the left of center and 7 from the right, then measure the distance “D” between L7 and R7 as shown in the diagram.
If “D” is between 5 and 5-3/4 inches (127 and 146 millimeters) then use the Blue HD version of the StringWeaver.
If “D” is between 5-3/4 and 6-1/2 inches (146 and 165 millimeters) then use the Red LD version of the StringWeaver.
If “D” is between 6-1/2 and 7-1/4 inches (165 and 185 millimeters) then use the Green WB version of the StringWeaver.
If you string many different types of rackets then you will probably want to order multiple versions of the StringWeaver. The Red LD and Blue HD versions are the most commonly used.
Finally, if your rackets do not fit into any of these size ranges, please contact us.

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