An Ingenious Cross Stringing Tool

The StringWeaver for badminton racquets is back! 

This StringWeaver was made specifically for badminton raquets. It attaches to 18 of the main strings in seconds and gently separates them to create a channel through which the crosses may be woven and pulled with almost no friction. The result is less burning, notching, and twisting of the strings, and also less chance of making a mis-weave.

The StringWeaver for badminton is small and lightweight. Only 7 millimeters thick where it contacts the strings, it leaves plenty of working room for your hands.  The StringWeaver is narrow enough to fit near the tip of many racquets so you may weave more crosses.  In fact, if you pre-weave the last few crosses before tensioning them, you can get all the crosses woven before removing the StringWeaver and then pulling tension on those crosses.  This technique also makes it easier to deal with shared holes.

Check out this video from a satisfied badminton StringWeaver customer.

If you have any questions about the StringWeaver for badminton, please use the Contact Us link.